Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lance + Baby = ?

The day finally came. The moment we had been discussing since that fateful day in January of last year when we discovered that our lives would change forever has finally come. We are taking Kyra camping. Diapers? Check. Toys? Check. First Aid Kit? Check. Sleep sack, warm clothes, cool clothes, baby backpack, bumbo, baby food, spoons, bibs....check, check, check....you get the picture. Are we nervous? Oh, yeah.

So, we spend a good portion of Friday packing up the Lance camper for its maiden voyage with its new occupant. We are unorganized. Planning has been sporadic...which is made painfully obvious in the middle of the night during our trip when we realize that we forgot pacifiers... But, that comes later.

We made it to Rocky Mountain National Park at around 3:30 PM on Friday, May 15. Kyra (who is currently about 7 months), slept the entire 2 hour trip up to the park. The weather was nice outside, so we quickly found a spot, set up camp, and took Kyra for her inagural campground walk. Of course, our trip to the Moraine Park Campground would not be complete without an obligatory picture of Longs Peak:

As the evening draws nearer, along with Kyra's bedtime, our little camper is a confused. Why are we doing this? Is this fun? Why are we not home...where my crib is...where my other toys are? Her concerns are quickly enunciated by her growing fussiness.

She zonks out the first night. Where did she sleep? We had no idea where she should sleep. On the dining room table (turned into a bed and with me, of course)? Between us on the bed over the cab? Well, we decided it would be warmer with me up above the cab. Kyra zonked out after nursing and we fumbled around to get her into bed without smacking her head or dropping her. That was no easy feat and our clumsiness in getting her into and out of bed during our trip would almost lead to our demise.

The temperature dropped to around 37 degrees that night. We got a little chilly, so we had to turn the heat on. In all, Kyra did very well the first night. We woke up to the sounds of birds singing, trees rustling, and neighbors chatting by a breakfast fire. What beauty. And, look who crawled into bed with us...

We had breakfast and went for a long walk, followed by some fun in the sun for much of the afternoon. The weather was nice and we were so glad to not be cooped up in the tiny Lance for too long.

Then, the second night came. We put Kyra to bed awake, this time and she flopped around on the bed for a few minutes before zonking out. Sweet baby. We read, relaxed, made plans on future Kyra-Lance adventures. Then, we turned in for the night. I slept for one hour...and then...Kyra decided that she wanted her crib.

Two and one half hours later, Kyra finally fell asleep. It took a nursing session and some serious rocking. I found it so interesting that she had such a time the second night. I thought she was supposed to have difficulty the first night? What happened? Was it too much fun in the sun the day before? Did she have a headache? Could it be something to do with altitude sickness? Sigh. We gave her some infant tylonel and she seemed to relax after that. Maybe too much sun. Altitude sickness shouldn't be a factor -- we were only 2,500 feet higher than where we live. So, yet another night with no sleep.

We awoke to the sounds of our new German neighbors chattering in the morning. I wanted to say Guten Morgen to them, but I was worried that they would assume that I knew German and I don't know how to say I don't know German, just kidding! -- in German. So, I just smiled as we did our final walk around the campground.

So, that is our first trip report. Was the trip a success? Yes! Of course it was. It's easy to be successful when your expectations are somewhere near "This could be the worst and longest weekend of our lives."

We are already planning our next one. I think it would be easy to trade in our hiking boots for our slippers or our camelbacks for sippy cups and allow ourselves to live a life at home. But, where would the fun be in that? I'll keep you posted on our plans for our next trip.

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