Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sixth Sense

I have learned that life is best experienced through the use of all five of our senses. Stimulating an infant is done by allowing her to explore using her five senses. Of course, mealtime has frequently been turned into an exploration of not only taste but of texture (who doesn't love the feeling of green beans on their arms, in their hair, and all over the seat that they're sitting in??). I would post a picture of Kyra doing some mealtime sensory exploration, but I figure that there are enough pictures on that very subject. Eh, why not......NUMMY...

So, I began thinking...Hiking around outside is such a calming use of our senses. Not only are the sights and sounds beautiful and charming, but the smells of pine trees are inspiring. The feeling of brisk mountain air being offset just perfectly by the sun is heavenly. The taste of all of your snacks (especially Cheetos and Potato Chips) are amazing when you are camping.

I think there is a sixth sense that doesn't fit anywhere. Camaraderie; the sense of feeling a bond with those you are with. Enjoying the company of family and friends when outside and reflecting on the day or trips past always rounds out an excursion. I hope that Kyra shares in this feeling of camaraderie as a family as she grows. I hope that her favorite memories of camping are those of laughing, playing, and just being with people she loves. (Below was taken during our "annual" trip to Canyonlands)

Mostly, I hope that she develops a passion for all things that money cannot buy: whether it is the view from a summit or the close, personal ties with friends and family.


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