Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nothing is Simple Anymore

I did it. I stayed home today. I skipped out on work, taking a day of vacation to spend some time with precious Kyra. I didn't really have plans. I developed a couple as the morning wore on. I thought: I am going to take Kyra for a hike. Just me 'n her. We'll hike and explore and go somewhere fun...Roxborough State Park!

I decided this about 5 minutes before I wanted to leave.

Phew. That wasn't easy. I quickly assembled everything Ms. Kyra could possibly need. I applied sunblock to my fair-skinned princess before we got into the car. I grabbed her sun hat, a sippy cup with water, assembled a bottle, grabbed some snacks (for her). For me? Well, since her success may be directly affected by my success (and health), I quickly grabbed a bottle of water, my sunhat, and my hiking boots. I loaded up the car with these items along with the baby backpack, which I adjusted to fit my torso. We were ready.

We got into the car.

We went to the bank (Roxborough State Park has an entry fee and Darin took all of my cash on his way to work this morning).

We began driving.

Kyra instantly became restless. I quickly realized that either we weren't going to make it to Roxborough SP or, if we did, we wouldn't last long -- hardly seems worth the entry fee, doesn't it?

So, I quickly adjusted our plans and hit up the Carson Nature Center about 5 minutes from home. It's a paved path area that is a good starting point to a network of paved trails for walking and bike-riding. Many of these follow the S Platte River. I felt a little sheepish as I put on my hiking boots, but whatever. At least we were getting out.

It quickly dawned on my that nothing is simple anymore. Walks, hikes, excursions require precision planning or the possibility of failure is undeniable. That's okay, but I marveled at that as we cruised along the Platte River and Kyra's mood swung between intrigue at the birds and the water flowing past us to grunting unhappiness.

Nothing is simple anymore. We have always had to prepare for hikes, but there have been numerous that we just woke up some Saturday morning and said, "Hey, let's go hike James Peak" (above).Or, "Hey, I know we've slept in, but let's go hike Colorado's highest peak today -- if we make it, great. If not, at least we got some exercise." For the record, we did make it and it was a great day and I was in great shape (above).
So, Kyra and I made due with a half hour walk along the Platte River after my rushed preparations. Kyra was asleep in the car by the time we got home and happily slept until noon. I think the hiking wears her out more than me, sometimes. But, we had fun and I think Kyra at least enjoyed watching the water rush by us from her vantage point, perched high in the backpack.
I have learned that, while nothing is simple, everything is an adventure.


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