Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Continuing Adventures...

My, how things have changed. In some ways, our vacationing has become much more relaxed. No longer do I need to plan quick meals for the trail as well as something easy to chow down (and swallow) at 3:00 AM for an early start for some peak somewhere. Now, instead of the perfect campsite near a 14er, we search for a comfortable campground (preferably with electrical hookups so we don't have to worry about how much we run the heater at night). This has allowed us to explore parts of Colorado that we otherwise may not have seen.

We had always talked about certain areas that we'd like to check out. Since peaks in the Mummy Range, the Never Summer Range, and the Gore Range do not reach the coveted 14,000', we just never made it to these areas. But, with the arrival of the camper-in-training, we now have the opportunity to explore new areas (while revisiting some of our discovered favorites).

On the other hand, what looks like relaxing camping is a very dynamic situation. Kyra, in her babyhood-ness, is constantly growing and changing. Therefore, her needs are constantly changing. Our discussions have turned from which peaks to climb next to "how are we going to baby-proof the Lance??"

We'll see how things go. The weather doesn't look so great for next weekend, so I think we'll stay local and do some more baby-proofing planning. Speaking of which ... we may need to do to the house soon enough...

Before Baby...returning from Mt. Rainier Summit (which we began at 11:00 PM the night before) in 2005...

After...Which one is really the adventure?

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