Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mother Nature, how do I love thee?

Why do I want to instill a passion for the outdoors in Kyra? Why is it so important that she enjoy Earth's natural beauty? I think there are a number of reasons. First, the natural world offers more adventures than the television or any video game every could. From hiking to mountaineering, ski-touring, and rock-climbing (I may have to draw the line at ice climbing), there are so many opportunities to not only enjoy nature's bountiful pleasures, but also stay in shape.

Of course, what parent does not dream about doing meaningful activities with their children? Activities that the parent enjoys are, of course, meant to be shared. Darin and I find camping and hiking to be not only fun, but rejuvinating. We feel relaxed and at ease while we enjoy the smell of pine trees and the sound of squirrels chirping. Who wouldn't want to share these simple joys with their kiddos. Plus, there aren't any gift shops...

(above)Hiking to a near-private beach on the island of Kaua'i (our Honeymoon!). Would I bring Kyra here? I'm a little nervous about the little section known as the cliff section (and, no, the picture doesn't do it justice -- those waves are a long way down!):

Who wouldn't want to share some of the most beautiful sites with their little ones? I can't wait for Ms. Kyra to get older...of course, I am loving every minute that I get to watch her grow.

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  1. Awesome pictures! The outdoors are awesome.