Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roughin' it City Style

What a nice weekend. We relaxed and discussed going camping. We decided not to. Instead, we went to the zoo. Ah, the zoo. The place where you can safely view bears and not worry about whether or not you'll be having a visitor that night. Although we were surrounded by children and people...not to mention penned animals...I believe Kyra had a good time. Kyra did not care so much about the elephants and giraffes as she did about the passers-by, the other children, and the activity. Yes, I have a social whose sophisticated pallette palate now includes Cheerios...
It was nice to take a breather. Camping is still something that we are adjusting to with a little one in tow. Of course, we will be back out enjoying the outdoors soon...hiking, enjoying the fresh air, and hoping that a rodent will wander near camp so that Kyra can enjoy its presence.

Until our next adventure...we'll be roughin' it *city* style.


  1. I love the zoo! I actually have a membership this year. Were there (animal) babies?

  2. We have a membership also! We didn't see any animal babies while we were there. Of course, I was more paying attention to how well Kyra was enjoying the visit! :)