Friday, June 5, 2009

We have a camper!

Our trip to Jack's Gulch went suprisingly well. Although the little one had a screaming fit as we entered Poudre Canyon (and Darin considered briefly the concept of driving us all into the river), Kyra has decidedly begun to enjoy camping. Of course, the trip was made all the more successful by Kyra's Smart Wool Booties. Look at those tootsies! They are so warm!

We met "Uncle" Doug and "Aunt" Chong for our camping adventure. We offered to give them the pleasure of Kyra's company in the case where she decides that camping is not her style at 2:00 in the morning. They graciously declined.

It was unnecessary, it turned out. Not only did Kyra sleep well both nights, but she slept well during naps, as well. Even in circumstances that, perhaps, left much to be desired:
Yes, Kyra seemed to "fit in" with our camping lifestyle. She hiked hard and played hard -- relaxing around the campsite in her campchair, while drinking from her sippy cup.

She and Uncle Doug discussed tech gear and how they would both love to get their hands on a brand-new GPS device, complete with a built-in digital camera and possibly a coffee maker. Doug also discussed with Kyra what her first backpack should be -- in the case she would ever want to graduate from the fancy Kelty Baby Backpack (which, between you and me, she has no plans to as of this writing).

We had a great time. We are already excited to begin plans for our next adventure. Of course, I do need to clarify one thing: although Kyra doesn't mind being outside, if there is not a "protective barrier" (read: picnic blanket) between her and the dirty outdoors -- things are not well in Kyra's eyes. I sat with her on the ground, near a flower during our trip. That did not last long. Well, at least she won't be a dirty child...

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  1. A picture of mom! At least I am assuming that's you Jenn. That looks like a fun trip! I am hoping to get brave enough to go camping with Caleb soon. Though we don't do all the hiking you guys do.