Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plans that Change

Our lives were going to change when we had this baby, we told each other. Of course, we were excited for these changes. We were excited to watch a little being grow and learn. We were excited to share with her what we felt were some of our greatest joys in life. We knew that how we enjoyed our hobbies would change, but we were okay with that.

Being natural planners, we decided that after our sweet baby was born, we would take turns continuing our hobbies. We would take turns skiing, hiking, climbing on the weekends; one of us would watch our little one while the other was out, continuing with life as it had always been. We would balance the joys of parenthood while still continuing to enjoy our outdoor excursions, minus the trips that required overnight trips or long backpacks.

Then, something happened...

After weeks of adjusting to (and surviving) the rigors of caring for a newborn, we began to settle into a routine. It was winter by this time. It was snowing at our favorite ski resort, Winter Park. Then, something else happened: I realized that I didn't miss skiing.

It's summertime now. I love to think about the adventures that I've shared with my husband. I am grateful for the experiences and I am so glad that we took the time to pack our weekends and vacations as full as we did.

I don't miss climbing the mountains. I am left with excitement for the future and love of the present. I am savoring the smell of Kyra's hair when I put her to bed, while looking forward to showing her some of the things that I find joyful in life. I'm also enjoying watching my husband turn into a loving father.

Sometimes, plans change when you have children. I don't regret a single minute of it.


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